We all know the cell phone has been vilified for years. A cop sees you on a hand-held cell phone it’s like as bad as if you picked up Satan hitchhiking. But long before cell phones people have tried multi-tasking while driving and doing some of the dumbest stuff.

But wouldn’t you think we’ve all heard the trope about women drivers applying makeup? Here’s a post on the Jersey subreddit that seems to be surprised by this.

So we knew there had to be far crazier things people have witnessed. Here are stories called in to Thursday’s show.

John called in saying he was once driving not far from a PetSmart when he saw another driver looking like something was wrapped around his hand. As he got closer he realized that something was moving.

Suddenly he realized this weirdo had a live ferret wrapped around his forearm and wrist. Not only that, he was talking to it and…wait for it…kissing it!

His theory was he must have come from that PetSmart where he probably brought his ferret inside the way others bring their dog inside. And that this guy was a bit too attached to his weasel, so to speak.

Polecat (Mustela putorius) close-up (Polecat


Janice called in a scary story about the most ignorant multi-tasking. Some jackass was committing domestic violence while driving.

All she knew is there was some woman in his passenger seat who was being brutally struck by this jerk while he continued driving down the highway. Imagine that, full highway spreed while pummeling your wife or girlfriend.

It was so savage the victim tried climbing over the seat to seek refuge in the back seat only to be pulled back in place and beaten some more as the guy could barely keep his car straight.

This was long before cell phones so there was no way to call police. But Janice had a cb radio and thought to ask truckers for help. Quickly several 18-wheelers caught up to them and tried boxing in the idiot in the car but an exit came up too quickly and the thug made a quick escape. She’s never known what happened to the poor woman.

image description


Pauline told us she once followed a woman on a fifteen minute drive all the way to Morristown while the entire time the woman was putting rollers in her hair. From the beginning of the process all the way to the final curl, she had a perfect view. Both the woman’s hands were off the steering wheel almost the whole time and you had to assume she steered with her knees.



Bonnie once watched a guy in the center lane of 295 casually eating an entire bowl of cereal with milk and a spoon and steering only God knows how for that long.

Dry wholegrain cheerios in a cereal bowl


Drew was on his motorcycle when he came upon some fool who had a large hardcover book fully spread open across his steering wheel and his eyes off the road.

No surprise when the guy couldn’t maintain his lane and almost sent Drew into a curb. Then looked at him like HE was the bothersome one. Guess he was at a good part in the book.

Maria had her car totaled over nail polish. A young woman who really needs to get her priorities straight decided applying nail polish was more important than paying attention ended up careening into the back of Maria’s car.

Details shot of hands applying red nail varnish to nails

Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Sad thing in the young girl was shameless, breezily telling the cops just what she did to cause the accident and not seeming to care one bit. Craziest part, she crashed into someone’s car yet managed to never spill a single drop of that nail polish.

Happy motoring and watch out!

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