Protecting Your Prius from Catalytic Converter Theft

In earlier articles we’ve learned that in California the 2020-2021 Toyota Prius is the leader when it comes to the vehicle model most likely to be the victim of catalytic converter theft. Nationwide, the Toyota Prius comes in at #10.

Despite the fact that catalytic converter theft is a huge problem, automakers have not done much about the problem to help consumers. Until now.

According to a recent news piece by the CarScoops website, Toyota is now partnering with MILLERCAT CORP with a “Cat Shield” catalytic converter anti-theft device as an optional accessory at a cost much less than having to replace a stolen converter.

The option has been first launched for the 2023 Toyota Prius and can be ordered for $140 when making a new order on the Toyota website or at a dealership” states the news piece.

According to MILLERCAT CORP about their Cat Shield product:

• Our shields are made from high strength, lightweight aluminum to provide the best protection with minimal added weight.

• We use as many existing factory mounting points as possible to ensure a consistent, accurate, and secure fit.

• Our shield is the only removable shield in the market. This allows you to do work on your vehicle like change your O2 sensors without ruining your shield or vehicle.

• We use tamper resistant screws and rivet nuts to provide ultimate protection while being removable.

• Our louver vents provide the best ventilation and cooling for your vehicle while protecting your undercar from loose debris.

Whether or not the $140 add-in option includes installation, the cost may differ depending on the dealership and could be a negotiating point to use toward getting the best price on a new car.

However, installation is reportedly simple enough that many car owners can DIY it themselves to save money.

As an example, here is a video from the MILLERCAT CORP YouTube channel that demonstrates how it is done with earlier models of the 2016-2020 Prius.

2016-2020 Gen 4 Prius Cat Shield Installation Video

Older Prius Model Cat Shield Installation
In addition, the Toyota Maintenance YouTube channel also recently did a show and tell of how the Cat Shield can be DIY installed on an even older 2nd generation Prius.

Prius Gen 2 Catalytic Converter Shield from CAT SHIELD

And finally…

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