1. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

As the name suggests, it monitors the air pressure of your car’s tyres and alerts you if it drops below a certain safe level. A tyre pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, comprises tiny wireless sensors fitted to each individual wheel of the vehicle.  The sensors display the real-time air pressure of each vehicle tyre via a head-up display. The system alerts the driver if there’s a change or drop in tyre pressure. This helps detect punctures or tyre damage early and reduces risks of tyre failure and excessive wear. 

2. Portable Tyre Inflator 

This is one of the best investments that a vehicle owner can make. A tyre puncture usually happens without prior warning, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. If there are no tyre shops nearby, one could feel even more helpless. A portable tyre inflator comes in handy in such situations for it can be connected to the 12V power outlet of the vehicle to inflate the flat tyre. You could then drive down to the nearest tyre shop and get it repaired. It can even be used on a daily basis to top up the air pressure of the tyres instead of going to the petrol station! The best bit is that it is compact, which allows it to be stored easily in your vehicle, and is simple to operate as well. 

3. Dashcam or Dash Mounted Cameras

This is another worthy investment that can save all vehicle owners from a heap of trouble in unfortunate circumstances. A dashcam is a compact camera usually fitted on the front/rear windscreen to monitor/record the environment around the car. The footage gets saved in an SD card/cloud storage which can come in handy in case of a collision, accident, or insurance claim. 

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4. Microfibre Towels 

If you are finicky about keeping your car clean and shiny, then you must keep a set of clean microfibre towels in the boot of your car. Unlike other towels that end up spreading the dirt on the car’s surface and cause scratches, a microfibre towel is non-abrasive and does not scratch the surface it touches. Compared to regular towels or sponges, microfibre towels are way more efficient at cleaning. That is because a microfibre cloth is softer, has more fibres and has superior absorbency properties that lets it lift away more dirt and grime from the surface of your car. 

5. Reverse Parking Camera 

Not every car comes equipped with a parking camera as standard. However, having one for assistance surely makes parking a vehicle much easier, especially if the spot is tiny or surrounded by obstacles. While reversing, it lets one clearly see how much space is available between the vehicle and the obstacles around without requiring any guessing work. Some reverse camera systems even offer static or bending guidelines to help you gauge where your car will go if you keep reversing. 

6. Mud Flaps 

A properly installed mud flap works to prevent grime, water, and stones that are being thrown up by the tyres from striking the vehicle’s underbody and causing any possible damage or corrosion. While driving on water-clogged or rough roads, mud flaps prevent any damage from road debris flying into the car and damaging the paint. They also act as a shield between the vehicle’s tyres and the wheel well. 


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7. Waterproof Mats 

Unlike universal mats, the water proof mats are superior at limiting the spread of mud, dirt, or liquids inside the cabin of your car. They are usually thicker than other types of car mats and have raised edges with grooves that help them contain any spills. They are especially useful during the monsoon season when it’s a challenge to keep rainwater out while getting into the car.

8. Air Freshener

Wish to keep your car smelling like new? Then you must get a scented air freshener that gets rid of unpleasant car odours. If you use your vehicle to carry your pets or let occupants smoke and eat in the car, then an air freshener is vital to keep your car’s interiors smelling fresh. Even during the monsoon, it is useful in removing the typical mouldy odour. Also, there are plenty of scents to choose from!

9. Parcel Tray 

A rear parcel tray offers you additional space for storing stuff that is required to be within easy reach. It is especially useful for moving stuff around or on highway trips where there’s a bit more luggage than usual to be accommodated. Even on daily drives, it’s an ideal place to store items like soft pillows, books, and tissue boxes. It even helps to keep your luggage hidden from plain sight. 

10. Side Cladding 

This will end up protecting your car’s door from harm in public parking spots where it’s common to see vehicles being parked a bit too close to each other. In such scenarios, getting in and out of the car becomes difficult for the occupants of the vehicle next to yours. Since the doors can’t be opened freely, one tends to push them out as much as possible, which ends up denting or damaging the paint of the car next to it. 

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