New bprauto line of aftermarket parts slots below Mopar range, costs less than OE stuff and comes with a two-year warranty

 Stellantis Has A New Budget Parts Program To Keep America’s Aging Cars On The Road

by Chris Chilton

August 10, 2023 at 10:00

 Stellantis Has A New Budget Parts Program To Keep America’s Aging Cars On The Road

We’ve heard recently how the average vehicle age in the U.S. is increasing, and that’s not because everyone has rushed out and bought R33 Skyline GTRs and first-gen Civic Type Rs now that they’re eligible for importation under the 25-year rule. Americans are keeping their cars longer, which could be good news for mechanics and parts suppliers who will have their work cut out keeping these older cars on the road.

And to make sure it gets a slice of that pie Stellantis has launched a new line of more affordable auto parts designed to sit below the Mopar range. Marketed under the bproauto (be pro auto) name that’s been active in Europe, South America, and the Middle East for some years now, these aftermarket parts will cost much less than original equipment components, but still come with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty, which is more than can be said for some of the junk you’ll find on Amazon.

Parts available now include batteries, brake pads and rotors, hub bearings, oils, and filters, but the bproautoparts website promises that shocks and struts, starters and alternators, brake calipers, fuel injectors, A/C compressors, and other parts will all be available later in 2023.

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 Stellantis Has A New Budget Parts Program To Keep America’s Aging Cars On The Road
bproauto batteries have a two-year, free replacement warranty and brake pads have lifetime cover

But what makes this move more significant is that the bproauto range doesn’t just cover the regular Stellantis family of cars and brands such as Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and Jeep. Its parts portfolio covers most makes and models, both domestic and import.

“While Mopar will remain the global original-equipment parts and authentic accessories brand for Stellantis, bproauto will offer an alternative for nearly all brands and all cars – new, used, owned, rented or shared,” said Mike Koval, head of Mopar North America.

“With Mopar and bproauto, our dealerships offer a 360-degree, multi-brand, one-stop-shop solution for nearly all customers, all vehicles and all brands.”


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