Pakistan used $1.2 billion (Rs 259 billion) on the import of transportation items, which includes luxury cars, large-conclude electric powered cars, and their pieces, in the course of the very last six months amidst sinking reserves and panic of default, in accordance to a media report. The country is in the middle of a money crunch with the foreign exchange reserves depleting to as minimal as USD 4 billion, forcing the central lender to slow down the import of even necessary objects.
The Information documented that in spite of the in general reduction in imports of transportation cars and other items compared with past calendar year, the economic climate was continue to burdened with hefty outflows for getting costly luxury motor vehicles and useless products.
For the duration of these 6 months, the region imported wholly crafted units (CBU), wholly knocked down/semi knocked down (CKD/SKD) of USD 530.5 million equal to Rs 118.2 billion. Considering the fact that CKD kits are not authorized to be imported, however tens of millions of bucks of these kits are staying imported, harming the regional market and their output.

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The economy is suffering, but hefty shelling out on cars and trucks and other motor vehicle imports is boosting a whole lot of questions about the government’s coverage of halting imports connected to the industrial and industrial sectors. Underneath the completely developed units (CBU) through July-Dec 2022-23 imports of buses, vans and other weighty vehicles imports were USD 75 million (Rs16.6bn), motor cars with USD 32.6 million.
Beneath the CKD/SKD, imports of buses, vehicles, and other large automobiles imports ended up USD 722.5 million (Rs161 billion), while motor motor vehicle imports were being recorded at USD 498 million (Rs111 billion). Bike imports also stood at USD 27.6 million.
Other than, the sections and components imports stood at USD 188.6 million (Rs42 billion). Equally, USD 47.7 million were expended on the import of plane, ships, and boats.
Only in December, the transportation sector’s imports stood at USD 140.7 million (Rs31.6 billion). Of this, USD 47.5 million or 11.3 billion rupees have been spent on the imports of autos, USD 27 million on areas and equipment, USD 3.6 million on bikes import, USD 25 million on buses, vehicles, and hefty automobiles, and a different USD 22.4 million on the import of aircraft, ships, and boats.
Reportedly, in spite of financial crises, the incumbent government has lifted a ban on the import of luxury vehicles lately, which became one of the main resources of greenback outflow, according to the paper.


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