The Toyota Highlander is one of the best-selling family SUVs on the market. The 2022 model has a hybrid option and with 36/35mpg, it’s a no-brainer to see that this SUV is the ultimate family machine. While it is extremely family-friendly, there are of course compromises that were made to make this car such a great car. For instance, the trunk space was lessened for the 3rd-row seating, maybe more plastic than there should be, and yes, piano black is used more than it should which gets dusty easily.

To combat this, the aftermarket sector has come up with many accessories that help SUV and minivan owners love their Highlander even more. In fact, when the minivan era became imminent in the 1990s, almost every suburban household with a Sienna or Caravan in the driveway had a cargo box on the roof or had some sort of trunk-extension accessory attached. Jeff Wistner asked what accessories were good for the 2022 Toyota Highlander on Facebook’s Toyota Highlander Owners Club. Here’s what a few owners shared.

Owners Share Their Perfect Accessories For 2022 Toyota Highlander

Phi Pham commented on the post saying, “Maxliner all-weather floor mats. With a 7-month-old and 3-year-old is a life saver for keeping the carpet clean.” With the 2022 Toyota Highlander being a family-oriented SUV, having a good rubber floor mat set is ideal given the fact that all 3-year-olds are messy and always spill their orange juice. Also, rubber floormats protect against things like mud, dirt, and, debris. It’s a family SUV, right? That means trips to the beach which means sand-filled flip-flops.

James Durrenberger commented saying that any sort of Mega Warrior basked for your roof is a great accessory. As I mentioned above, roof baskets and cargo boxes were and are the most popular accessory that minivan and full-sized SUV owners install to add more cargo space. If you might remember the 2005 Disney Movie, “Cars,” you might remember the two minivans who got lost on the interstate. The male minivan had the cargo box on top.

Jon Grainger recommended a dashcam. Dashcams are very important, especially if you are driving with your family. I have encountered countless people who got labeled as not guilty in a crash solely because of their dashcam. A regular dashcam will set you anywhere from $20-50 and the good ones run up about $80+. It’s good to invest in anything safety-related. Whether it be a dashcam or even an aftermarket sensor system (the 2022 Toyota Highlander comes with Toyota Safety Sense).

All in all, I think these accessories make for a great safe, reliable, and easy clean-up Highlander if you have a family. Believe me when I say your minivan or Highlander would thank you.

Harutiun Hareyan is reporting Toyota news at Torque News. His automotive interests and vast experience test-riding new cars give his stories a sense of authenticity and unique insights. Follow Harutiun on Twitter at @HareyanHarutiun for daily Toyota news.


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