The 2022 SEMA Auto Show is now in full swing, and of course that means car manufacturers are bringing a wide array of builds and machines to showcase. Several major players in the automotive world are at the show, such as Ford and Stellantis, the latter with its Mopar partners. Nissan is another major brand that is making its presence felt at the show, along with NISMO, and the company has brought a couple of vehicles to showcase at the event along with plenty of accessories.

One of those is the Nissan Frontier, specifically it is the NISMO Off-Road V8 concept. The company has also brought in a special accessorized version of the Nissan Z, the 2022 NISMO Performance Parts Z. This is showcasing plenty of extra components for the new sports car from the brand that will be available to Nissan Z owners and enthusiasts to fully kit out their new Z sports car. The changes to the new Z come in the form of both exterior and performance upgrades to really extract as much performance as possible out of the Nissan sports car, a car that has already earned rave reviews.

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Taking The Nissan Z To Whole New Heights

2022 NISMO Performance Parts Z Side View
via Nissan

There is a whole host of components available for the Nissan Z that are on show at the SEMA event. Nissan says the highlights include the new NISMO LM-RS1 forged wheels and the NISMO coilover suspension kit. This includes a twin-tube design, with a linear race spring system and rebound damping adjustability and ride height adjustment. A NISMO cold air intake and a NISMO performance heat exchanger are two other notable features. The latter has increased volume to help reduce charge air temperatures and to maintain performance for the Z on hot days as well as at track events.

That isn’t all there is to the accessorized Nissan Z though. The suspension was in fact developed with input from racing driver Bryan Heitkotter, who was in fact crowned the 2011 Nissan GT Academy champion and now races for Chris Forsberg Racing. There are other component additions too, such as the NISMO adjustable stabilizer bar kit and the prototype NISMO strut tower bar. There is a whole host of NISMO suspension components too including rear midlinks, rear lower camber links, rear traction arms, endlinks plus front upper arms and front outer tie rod ends.

NISMO Have Enhanced The Performance Of The Twin-Turbo V6

2022 NISMO Performance Parts Z Rear Quarter View
via Nissan

Nissan says that they and NISMO have worked hard on enhancements to the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that the Nissan Z has. The engine is fully dyno-tested now, and sports a new CAD-designed NISMO cold air intake. This is with the aim of increasing airflow to the engine, thanks to the use of a bell-mouth design. We have already mentioned the NISMO performance heat exchanger to the car, but that should in theory feature a 148-percent greater volume than the factory piece, a big boost over the standard version on the Z.

Nissan has also worked on the exhaust of the Z as well. The car now features a stainless steel NISMO track exhaust, with a 2.25-inch outer pipe diameter that should reduce the backpressure from the exhaust. The power from the V6 engine comes through a NISMO street twin-disc clutch and flywheel kit. Nissan says that this NISMO component can handle up to 800 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque, so there is plenty of scope to get even more performance out of your Nissan Z. The company says that this will also allow the Z to maintain a factory-like pedal feel and effort.

Enhancing The Stopping Power Of The Nissan Z

2022 NISMO Performance Parts Z Front Quarter View Close Up
via Nissan

With more performance comes the need for extra stopping power, and the new NISMO Z has that in spades. A NISMO big brake kit includes track-ready brake pads, larger vented front and rear motors plus 6-piston front/4-piston rear calipers. Stainless steel brake lines also come as part of the package. These combine with the LM-RS1 wheels, which are lightweight and forged. Nissan says these wheels come in either black, anthracite, or bronze semi-gloss finishes to compliment whatever color your Nissan Z is in.

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Exterior And Interior Changes Cap Off The NISMO Mods For The Z

2022 NISMO Performance Parts Z Head On View
via Nissan

There are, as with many SEMA builds, plenty of exterior and interior additions to the Nissan Z from NISMO. These include the NISMO GT titanium shift knob and the prototype NISMO carbon fiber steering wheel trim kit. The car also features NISMO carbon fiber exterior mirror covers, a NISMO fuel filler cover as well as NISMO kick plates. Under the hood of the car is a NISMO carbon fiber engine cover, NISMO coolant expansion tank as well as a NISMO oil filler cap. There are plenty of changes and extras available for the Z then, all of which are on show at SEMA 2022.

Source: Nissan


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