I’m giving the digital speedometer a pass as I prefer the analog+color combo which is present currently in both my cars and moreover the cost in obscenely expensive

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Mid life updates to the Blue Baby.

78,000 km update:

As the Blue Baby is warming up towards the 6 digit odometer reading soon, I’ve changed the clutch pack and got the engine decarbonized at Carbon Cleaning near Jakkur.

It’s unlike the regular decarbonization centers where they use an additive in the fuel tank. The air filter is opened and a liquid called HHO is used in the small tube fixed with a suction cup. The engine is switched on through the process and we need to drive within 1.5k rpm for 10 kms for the decarbonization magic to happen. After a few hundred kms, the car feels more eager to drive. The process costs about Rs. 2,500

Also, I replaced the aftermarket camera on my Sync 3 with the adaptive guideline one by Blaupunkt as suggested by a Pune group member known as Swapnil Kunjir. Here’s the link for the model. The cost for this camera is about Rs 2,300 after discounts on GoMechanic.

Some pics for reference:

Night view:

Day view. The white line is the adaptive guide line in action:

The functioning of the adaptive guidelines works when the car is in reverse motion and the steering wheel turned simultaneously. However there is a lag in the adaptive guideline sync though, but does the job.

Another mid life update I’ve given the blue baby is the glove box lamp which is present in the Titanium+ with sync 3. I bought the part thinking that there will be a glass beneath it, but when the part arrived, it came without the glass and then my mind moved towards repurposing that part. It does help immensely during night journeys as we need to search for some document or things inside the glovebox. I ordered the part via SMP Auto Parts, GP Road(Chennai).

SMP Auto Parts:

Part number for the glovebox light:

Cost of this mod- 750(part)+500(electrician’s labor+crimps).

This light works similar to the light control used in refrigerator doors

The steps to work on this are:

First, prepare a harness using the crimps which are used for connecting the horn terminals.

Harness prepared. Please make a pair like the one shown in the image for connecting the harness to the light.

Then detach the glovebox and search for an accessory power which turns on during Ignition:

The part in flesh:

Wire connected to the part:

Once the power source and ground is found, you can fit the switch in the empty slot(it sits flush) and then you can assemble back the glovebox. New mod unlocked.

The empty circular slots is meant for the glovebox light. The upper portion of the glovebox can be pulled like a drawer easily:

The output:

In low light:

Update on the mod scene: I’m giving the digital speedometer a pass as I prefer the analog+color combo which is present currently in both my cars and moreover the cost in obscenely expensive, which isn’t worth for 60k. 25-30k, I would have given it a thought.

Regarding Global windows, Unfortunately these won’t work unless we change the switches as well as the hall motors and winders if we need to use it the OE way. Aftermarket modules are available for about 4-5k. However, I’d give this a pass too

So, the blue baby is good for another few more months till I get the most awaited mod which is Hill Assist/ESP and auto dimming mirror(very useful or I’m spoilt by my Titanium+ ) I’m almost close on my research for this as well as the parts to procure it, I’d certainly like to finish this mod before leaving the country and then call it a day for modding the blue baby.

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