Maharashtra-based blacksmith, Dattatraya Lohar had built a mini four-wheeler using abandoned car parts

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Maharashtra-based blacksmith, Dattatraya Lohar had built a mini four-wheeler using abandoned car parts

Earlier in December 2021, we told you Maharashtra-based blacksmith, Dattatraya Lohar who built a mini four-wheeler using abandoned spare parts. Impressed by his creation, back then, Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra offered to give him a brand-new Bolero SUV in exchange for his creation. Mahindra felt that as the vehicle doesn’t comply with the regulations, the local authorities will stop it from plying on the roads. Exactly a month later, now the industrialist has announced via social media that Dattatraya has accepted his offer and recently took delivery of his new Mahindra Bolero.

Sharing photos taken at the handover ceremony, Anand Mahindra tweeted, “Delighted that he accepted the offer to exchange his vehicle for a new Bolero. Yesterday his family received the Bolero, and we proudly took charge of his creation. It will be part of our collection of cars of all types at our Research Valley and should inspire us to be resourceful.”


Dattatraya, along with his family taking delivery of his brand-new Mahindra Bolero

The mini four-wheeler was built with an investment of ₹ 60,000, and it employs a kick-start mechanism, similar to what we see on a two-wheeler. It is a left-hand drive vehicle that has been built using old and abandoned car parts and it comes with a grille that looks similar to a Mahindra Thar. Dattatraya built the vehicle to fulfil his son’s wish. The Bolero received by him in exchange is the classic version and not the newer one based on the TUV300.


Dattatraya’s mini four-wheeler will be on display at the Mahindra Research Valley, along with few other special vehicles


Over the last few years, Mahindra has been acquiring some special and unique vehicles for the company’s Auto Museum, and Dattatraya’s mini four-wheeler is likely to be a part of it. Few other vehicles that are on display at Mahindra Research Valley include the old-gen Mahindra Thar that was used in Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Kaala’. There is also a special rickshaw built by a Kerala man, which has been modified to look like a Mahindra Scorpio from the rear. Back then, Mahindra had given the Kerala-based rickshaw driver a brand-new Mahindra Supro mini truck in exchange for his vehicle.

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