• Hyundai will set up dedicated team to assist affected customers, offer free RSA, support up to 50 percent on depreciation amount for insurance claims 

  • Mahindra is providing complimentary road side assistance, no-cost inspection, and discounts on liability amounts after insurance claims 

  • Volkswagen has initiated free roadside assistance, with priority check-up and repair of flood-affected vehicles

  • We also explain the dos and don’ts in case your car is affected by the Michaung Cyclone

Cyclone Michaung has created havoc in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with multiple parts of the city  facing unprecedented flooding. This has resulted in many cars having drowned due to the rising water levels. Certain automakers have now announced relief measures for affected customers. Here is a list of helpline numbers for different carmakers.


Helpline numbers 


18001021155 or 18004191155




18002096006 / 7208071495 (Whatsapp)

Some tips in case your vehicle is stranded 

If your car is stuck in flooded waters or has drowned completely, do not attempt to start the car at all. Instead, we advise you to tow it to your nearest service centre. When you crank the engine, chances are the water surrounding it may enter the engine, resulting in hydrostatic lock, which is usually not covered under insurance. 

Avoid driving in flooded areas, as the ground is not visible and there could be some obstructions which could damage your car. But if due to any unavoidable reason, if there is a need to cross a flooded area, ensure that the water level is not higher than the car’s air intake, or doesn’t cross the bumper level. Proceed with caution at a low but steady speed, ensuring there is a bow wave created at the front. Do not stop in the middle or let the engine stall, and always drive in a lower gear while keeping the engine at a higher than usual rpm. 

This may seem counterintuitive in case of rain, but keep the windows rolled down. That way, in case the car gets stranded and the electronics fail, there is an escape option available. 

After everything settles down, ensure that you give your car a thorough checkup even if there might not be any apparent issues. Check for rodents, foul odour, or fungus.

Support initiatives by carmakers

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Hyundai has announced a relief package of Rs 3 crore for efforts after the devastating Michaung Cyclone. As part of the initiatives, Hyundai will give kits including dry rations, tarpaulins, bed sheets and mats. Medical camps will also be set up while clean-up drives will take place in villages as part of the after-effects. 

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Hyundai customers will also benefit from a dedicated Task Force for assistance for their vehicles. Other measures include free RSA, 50 percent support on depreciation amount, and timely repairs. 

Meanwhile, Volkswagen and Mahindra have also announced similar complementary RSA. Mahindra has also revealed that they will offer free assessments as well as discounts on liability amounts in case of insurance claims. 


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