What is an OBD-II port?

An On-Board Diagnostics edition two (OBD-II) port is a standardized diagnostic interface involved in just about all automobiles manufactured in or immediately after 1996, which is when the OBD-II specification was designed necessary for all cars sold in the United States.

OBD-II ports talk with the vehicle’s on-board pc program to retrieve facts, including engine velocity, gasoline usage, cylinder performance, ingestion air temperature, and substantially far more. Bundled in this data can be fault codes, recognised as DTCs, which are established by the vehicle’s computer system process when a fault is detected with a individual element.

What is a DTC?

DTC stands for Diagnostic Problems Code. It is a code created by a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) method when it detects a malfunction or difficulty inside a particular method or subsystem of a motor vehicle. DTCs are standardized throughout many helps make and styles of autos, and while all cars generated should guidance a precise subset of these codes if they use an OBD-II port, companies also have supplemental codes, together with some that may well be unique to their autos.

How do I know what issue a DTC has detected?

Just about every DTC fault code is designed up of five figures: A solitary letter followed by 4 figures. The letter denotes which of the 4 principal systems the fault has been detected in:

  • P: Powertrain
  • B: Entire body
  • C: Chassis
  • N: Community

The 2nd character is a selection that specifies whether it is really a generic OBD-II code or a company code. (Brands reserve the proper to make their possess codes if there isn’t a generic code for a specific dilemma they’d like drivers/techs to be in a position to diagnose.)

  • : Standardized (SAE) fault codes
  • 1: Maker-unique codes

The 3rd character is possibly a letter or amount that specifies which of the vehicle devices is throwing a fault:

  • : Gasoline and air metering and auxiliary emissions controls
  • 1: Fuel and air metering
  • 2: Gasoline and air metering (specific injector circuit)
  • 3: Ignition units or misfires
  • 4: Auxiliary emission controls
  • 5: Car or truck pace regulate and idle manage systems
  • 7, 8, 9: Transmission and gearbox faults
  • A, B, C: Hybrid propulsion techniques

The fourth and fifth quantities denote the specific fault becoming detected. It can be any selection between zero and 99.

Practically all modern OBD-II scanners will summarize what the error code is along with the 5-character alphanumeric code. For some of the extra state-of-the-art designs, you will find even a code search-up perform that will further reveal what the fault code is referring to and what might be resulting in it.

In the circumstance of the Bluetooth OBD-II scanners, some of the apps will also contain video clip explainers pulled from YouTube that will clearly show you how to more diagnose and even maintenance the defective parts accountable for the code.

Wherever is my OBD-II port situated?

Though the actual location of the OBD-II port can vary from car to car, the port is typically located about the footwell on the driver’s facet, beneath the steering wheel and previously mentioned the pedals.

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