Your car is quite vulnerable to all dust, dirt, and pollutants while driving or even when it’s parked. The dirt element gets stuck on the surface of your car and needs a strong formula to eliminate it out. This is what car shampoo, waxes, and polishes are all about. Choosing the right kind of car shampoos, waxes, and polishes ensures that your vehicle remains hygienic and shiny. Easy to apply, these car wash products are known to remove stubborn marks without leaving any water spots or scratches.
So, if you are seeking car shampoos, waxes, and polishes, take a gander at some of the popular purchase options available online in India:
Car shampoos, waxes, and polishes

Wavex Wash and Wax Car Shampoo

Use this impeccable car wash shampoo from Wavex that comes in a 1-liter quantity. This premium car shampoo is ideal for painted surfaces and comes with pure Brazilian carnauba wax and polymers for a high gloss finish. In addition to this, the offered car wax is known to provide a wet shiny appearance for your vehicle. You can utilize 5ml of car shampoo for a single wash. This product consists of a pH-neutral formula, ensuring complete safety for your car.
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Formula 1 Carnauba Wash and Wax Shampoo

Check out this effective car shampoo from Formula 1 that comes in the 473 ml quantity. The offered car wax shampoo comes in the 473 ml quantity and is known to not harm nor deteriorate paint finish like liquid or powder detergents. Along with this, the offered car wax/shampoo is known to provide water-beading protection to all paint finishes. Get this product for its superior shine, ultimate protection, and long shelf life.
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Waxpol Car Shampoo + Polish

Purchase this stupendous car shampoo cum polish from Waxpol that comes in the 300 ml quantity. The offered car shampoo is known for its extra thickness formula that further enhances foaming. Moreover, this car shampoo + polish eliminates the dirt swiftly and thoroughly. This car shampoo provides water-beading shielding to all paint finishes and aids in removing road dirt, traffic grime, and other pollutants with ease.
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3M Auto Specialty Shampoo

Get this awesome car specialty shampoo from 3M that comes in the 500 ml quantity. The offered car shampoo is known for its antibacterial nature and comes with special ingredients like Benzyl Salicylate. In addition to this, the offered car shampoo is pH balanced and is known to easily rinse off dirt elements from your vehicle’s surface, owing to its rich foam formula.
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Armorall Armor All Wash and Wax

Don’t miss this amazing car wash and wax from Armor All that comes with sponge scrubber. The offered car wash and wax aid water beading on the surface of your vehicle. Along with this, the offered car wax is known to gently lift away dirt without causing scratches and swirls. The offered car wax ensures to restore the paint’s deep and radiant color.
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Turtle Wax Carnauba Wash & Wax

Turtle Wax brings you this effective car wax in 1.42 liters quantity. The offered car wash product comes in the 25.55 x 14 x 7.21 cm sized pack. This product contains buffering agents that further neutralize the environmental pollutants and road soils. The offered car wax is known for its superior shine, long shelf life, and easy-to-use nature.
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