From organisers and luggage carriers to road trip essentials, here are all the accessories available at heavy discounts

Amazon/Flipkart Sale

The festive season is finally here, and it’s the right time to buy the car accessory that you’d long been saving up for – not just because it’s auspicious, but also for the attractive offers. Amazon has the Great Indian Festival sales and offers ongoing, while Flipkart’s Big Billion Days have started today. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top car accessories that are on sale now at heavy discounts on the two e-commerce giants. These offers are valid on Amazon for the next ten days, while Flipkart’s sale period lasts until September 30. 

Car Organisers: Rs 399 to Rs 4,000

bench organisers

The best part about having a car is that you can carry more than you might need at any point of time. But if you’re the kind of person whose car boot is littered with water bottles, car cover, sunshades and more, you might like to invest in one of the organisers below that’ll help keep your car neat and tidy: 

Trunk organisers: 

Double R Bags collapsible organiser

House of Quirk rear bench seat organiser

These larger organisers can accommodate pretty much all small items in the boot. If space is an issue, go for the rear seatback organiser. 

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Roof carry bag: 

Voroly waterproof carry bag

This roof bag is a massively spacious accessory that you can mount on top of the roof. It can accommodate over 400 litres, but we would recommend using it with a roof rack and ropes for added support. Also, keep in mind not to exceed your carmaker’s recommended roof-carrying weight limit.  

Dash Cams: Rs 3,700 to Rs 8,400

Dash cam

Whether it’s for shooting Instagram stories on your next vacation or as a safety feature, a dash camera is a versatile, albeit pricey, car accessory that’s becoming more popular by the day. The festive season sale is probably the best time to invest in one, and here are your choices: 

Most reasonably priced: Qubo dash cam 

Single-channel cam: 70mai M300 full HD camera

With in-cabin view: 70Mai Pro Plus dual-channel

Road Trip Essentials: Rs 448 to Rs 2,374

Road Trip Essentials

Tyre inflator: Rs 1,659 

Bergmann Typhoon tyre inflator

If you’re going somewhere where you’ll either be off-roading or in a remote place, you might need the added security of a motorised tyre inflator. It plugs into your car’s accessories socket and has a powerful torch to help you spot any punctures. 

Car charger: Rs 1,869

Spigen 65W car charger

Duracell 38W fast car charger

The Spigen charger comes with a powerful 45W USB C output that can charge your laptop, too, if it supports USB C charging. Its other port is also USB C with a 20W output for phone charging. A more cost-effective alternative for those only looking to charge a phone is the Duracell charger with both USB C and A ports. 

Car plug adapter: Rs 2,374 

Ceptics 200W plug adapter

This plug adapter is a bit on the pricey side, but it’ll surely come in handy on your next camping trip. It has two conventional three-point plugs and is compatible with the 12-volt accessories socket in your car. 

Phone holder: Rs 1,039 

Phone Mount

Amkette iGrip car mount

A phone mount is pretty much essential if you’re going somewhere you haven’t been before and need to use the maps for navigation. It keeps you from being distracted and keeps the phone in your line of sight so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. This one from Amkette is fairly affordable and rugged and can be mounted on the car’s dashboard or windscreen. 

Bluetooth FM Adapter: Rs 448 to Rs 849 

Portronics USB-Aux Bluetooth with mic

Portronics Bluetooth FM transmitter

If your car doesn’t have bluetooth, you can either go for a transceiver with an aux input or FM. All you need is an accessories socket and an aux or FM-enabled head unit. 

Rear seat tablet holder: Rs 719

Brolaviya headrest-mounted tablet holder

This tablet holder can be mounted on the front headrests and can accommodate up to 11-inch diagonal tablets. Keep in mind that you will need adjustable front headrests to use this accessory. 

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Miscellaneous Accessories

AUX Cable: Rs 291 

CableCreation 1.5-foot aux cable

This short cable is good enough for in-car use and provides decent sound output with minimal distortion. In addition, the braided cable provides better durability and resistance to high temperatures than conventional aux cables. 

USB cable: Rs 839 

Spigen 1.5-metre USB C to USB C cable

This cable is what you need if you’re going to use your car charger for your laptop. It’s good for up to 60W of fast charging, adequate for both phone and laptop charging. If you don’t have to charge a laptop, a less pricey alternative is this Lenovo USB A-to-C cable

Car Cleaning Accessories 

Car care kit: Rs 682

Wavex Hybrid-X waterless car cleaning kit

This car detailing kit is something you can carry everywhere you go. It gets you a waterless wash that you can follow up with a spray-on wax. Alternatively, if you go for a car wash, the rinse aid helps quick-dry to a gleaming finish. The complimentary microfiber cloth would come in handy, but you might need more, so check out this four-pack of towels here for just Rs 228.

Ceramic spray: Rs 1,449 

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Wet Wax

Getting your car ceramic coated professionally can cost tens of thousands of rupees, but this spray-on alternative gets the job done for any older car. It can last several months, and whenever you see the hydrophobic properties wearing off, you can always spray on another coat to keep your car looking shiny. 

Pressure washers: Rs 6,899 to Rs 9,599

Car Pressure Washer

Amazon Basics 1700W pressure washer

Bosch Aquatak 125 1500W washer

For those who love DIY car detailing, a pressure washer can be a better alternative to a regular gardening hose. A high pressure stream is more effective for removing tough dirt from hard-to-reach places such as wheel wells and the underside. Pressure washers are pretty expensive, but they eliminate the need to spend Rs 500 at a car wash every month. The one from Amazon Basics is a decent buy considering the price.


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