Recognizing the challenges faced by vehicle owners in the wake of the Michaung cyclone, leading car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Mahindra, and Volkswagen have initiated support programs. One of the primary offerings is the provision of complimentary service checks for affected vehicles. Volkswagen, too, has joined the efforts to assist vehicle owners in Chennai.The Michaung cyclone has thrown normal life out of gear in Chennai, Tamil Nadu over the last few days, leading to major flooding. Consequently, there were a lot of vehicles which were damaged because of all the waterlogging in the Southern state. In a bid to provide some relief to such owners, some carmakers such as Hyundai, Mahindra and Volkswagen are now offering support by introducing various initiatives.


  1. Mahindra’s Support Initiatives: The article outlines Mahindra’s initiatives to assist cyclone-affected customers, extending support until the end of 2023.
  2. Roadside Assistance (RSA): Mahindra is providing RSA within a 50 km radius to tow affected vehicles to the nearest service center, ensuring prompt assistance during the recovery period.
  3. Complimentary Vehicle Inspection: Affected vehicles will undergo a complimentary inspection and assessment for damage, highlighting Mahindra’s commitment to thorough support for its customers.
  4. Discounts on Repair Invoices: Owners of affected vehicles are eligible for discounts on repair invoices, offering financial relief to those dealing with the aftermath of the cyclone.
  5. Contact Channels: Customers can easily reach Mahindra’s service team for assistance through the provided contact numbers (1800-209-6006) or via WhatsApp (7208071495), ensuring direct and accessible communication.
  6. Advice on Submerged Vehicles: Mahindra emphasizes caution for owners of submerged cars, advising against starting the vehicle to prevent additional damage—an essential precaution echoed in the article.
  7. Extended Support Duration: Mahindra’s commitment to supporting customers until the end of 2023 signifies a longer-term assistance plan, recognizing the prolonged impact of the cyclone.
  8. Encouragement for Safety: The article encourages readers to prioritize safety and family well-being, reflecting a broader concern for the community’s welfare beyond automotive support.
  9. General Advice for Vehicle Owners: For owners of brands not specifically mentioned, the article recommends checking with the nearest dealership for assistance, offering a general guideline for those seeking help.
  10. Humanitarian Perspective: The concluding note stresses the importance of safety, urging readers to stay safe and care for their families—a compassionate and humanitarian touch to the overall message.


In the aftermath of the devastating Michaung cyclone that has wreaked havoc in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Hyundai Motor India has taken a proactive stance by announcing a generous donation of Rs 3 crore to the relief fund. In addition to the monetary aid, Hyundai Motor India is actively engaging in relief work to address the immediate needs of affected communities.

For affected Hyundai customers seeking assistance or guidance, the company has established a dedicated channel through its customer care team. Customers can reach out to Hyundai’s customer care team at 1800-102-4645 for support, information, or any queries related to the cyclone impact on their vehicles.


In the aftermath of the Michaung cyclone wreaking havoc in and around Chennai, Volkswagen is extending a helping hand to its owners affected by the natural calamity. For Volkswagen owners impacted by the cyclone, the company is offering free roadside assistance.

In addition to free roadside assistance, Volkswagen Tigun is introducing a priority “comprehensive service check” for customers in the cyclone-affected region.  Customers can directly contact Volkswagen Roadside Assistance at 1800-102-1155 or 1800-419-1155 to avail of the free roadside assistance or to schedule a priority comprehensive service check. This direct communication channel ensures that Volkswagen owners can quickly and conveniently access the assistance and services they need during the recovery period. By providing free roadside assistance and prioritized comprehensive service checks, Volkswagen aims to ease the burden on affected owners and contribute to the restoration of normalcy. 


The company is offering roadside assistance (RSA) within a 50 km radius to tow affected vehicles to the nearest Mahindra service center. All affected vehicles will undergo a complimentary inspection and assessment for damage, with owners eligible for discounts on repair invoices. Customers can reach Mahindra’s service team at 1800-209-6006 or connect via WhatsApp at 7208071495 for assistance. Additionally, Mahindra advises caution for owners of submerged cars, urging them not to start the vehicle to prevent further damage—an important piece of advice reiterated by the company. For readers with cars from other brands, it is recommended to contact the nearest dealership for assistance.


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