• The latest version of the Android Auto app allows users to share their smartphone’s wallpaper with their car’s infotainment display, providing a handy visual change.
  • It is enabled by default within the Android Auto settings and only works while using static or still wallpapers, with live wallpapers currently not supported.
  • Previously, users were limited to using a handful of preset wallpapers located within Android Auto settings.

We all love changing our smartphone wallpapers from time to time. While you would think the same applies to Android Auto, that isn’t the case as the platform still doesn’t allow custom wallpapers. While Google has been kind enough to offer a selection of preset wallpapers to pick from, it can get old quickly, especially if you like changing the wallpaper frequently. Thankfully, a remedy is now in sight, as the latest version of the Android Auto app is enabling wallpaper sharing with your smartphone.

In simple words, this means the wallpaper of your Android Auto head unit will change with the home screen wallpaper on your phone. There’s no clarity on which version of Android Auto enables this particular feature, but 9to5Google claims they got it to work on Android Auto 11.0 beta. However, the code for this particular feature has been in place since version 10.7, the site clarifies.

While there’s still some confusion about which version enables this nifty visual addition, downloading or updating to the latest version of the Android Auto app could do the trick, as one of our editors, Will Sattelberg, found out.

android-auto-wallpaper-support 1

The toggle to share the phone’s wallpaper with your car’s infotainment display can be found within Android Auto settings and is set to on by default. As you would expect, the wallpaper will only appear within the background of the app drawer, similar to how wallpapers currently function on Android Auto. At least one user on Reddit is also finding this wallpaper-sharing feature on Android Auto, suggesting that it is already widely rolling out.

There’s a caveat, though. Only static wallpapers are supported right now, meaning live wallpapers won’t reflect on the larger screen. 9to5 says when an incompatible wallpaper is used, the Android Auto screen will revert to the last used wallpaper. There’s no clear explanation from Google as to why this is the case. This is one of those features that probably should’ve existed right off the bat, or at least a couple of years ago when Google decided to refresh the preset Android Auto wallpapers. Nevertheless, regular Android Auto users will welcome its addition.

While this new feature is certainly going to spice up your car’s infotainment screen, the Android Auto team may have some other problems to contend with based on recent developments. Multiple users are seemingly experiencing connectivity issues on Android Auto, with the problem impacting both wired and wireless versions. While Google said Xiaomi smartphone users can fix some of these issues by updating their phones to Android 14, even that may not be a foolproof solution, per some device owners.


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