Amazon’s aural assistants are everywhere. The original Echo started as a desktop column speaker that could hear as well as it could play and do just about any task or play any song or podcast your heart desired. Then it got smaller with the Echo Dot, the hockey puck-sized version of the Alexa that you could use as a bedside speaker to wake you up with a loud alarm or help you sleep with any number of nighttime “skills.” Then somehow it got even smaller with the Echo Auto, a credit card-sized transmitter that could hear commands even when the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs in the backseat and running orders through your phone while you’re driving. 

Now Amazon has released the Echo Auto (2nd Gen) and somehow it’s even smaller. It’s no bigger than a BIC classic lighter. It’s kind of frightening to imagine just how small Amazon’s smart speakers will get. One day, they might shrink it down to the size of an amoeba so you can swallow it and have Alexa inside your head where ever you go. 


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