‘Twas the night after New Year’s,

When all through tech,

Not a person was sleeping,

Not even an exec.

The new year marks the annual trek of the technology industry to Las Vegas for CES, marked by endless days filled with countless meetings, demonstrations at every turn, mind numbing crowds everywhere, aching feet, and colds abound. Despite all this, CES is much more than just the consumer electronics show that it once was. CES represents every aspect of technology and is the launching point for many new technologies and companies, which is why we still make the trek year after year.

Despite some of the doom and gloom surrounding the tech industry going into 2023, there is still much hope to be gleaned out of this CES. For one, CES has become the premier automotive technology showcase. As a result, Tirias Research expects announcements from a wide variety of vendors spanning infotainment, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Vehicle (AV) systems, and new Electric Vehicle (EV) platforms. We know that Ambarella, Mobileye, Nvidia, and Qualcomm will all be present demonstrating the latest technologies, as well as the tier one suppliers like Bosch, Continental, Magna International, and ZF to name a few. In fact, almost half of the press conferences at CES are typically about automotive and transportation technology and platforms.

Another area that continues to be a surprise at CES is heavy machinery. John Deere has become a staple at the event, and rightfully so. As CEO John May has stated in many ways, John Deere is a technology company. In fact, John Deere has been selling autonomous driving tractors for approximately 20 years and is now adding AI to its attachments. The auto industry could learn a thing or two from heavy equipment companies like John Deere. Last year, Bobcat introduced the all-electric T7X compact track loader. This year, the Hyundai Heavy Industries group will be hosting a press conference, which could be interesting given the company’s investment in AI, robotics, EVs, and even hydrogen-powered vehicles. And another heavy machine supplier, Caterpillar, will also be following John Deere’s lead and is exhibiting at CES.

With the rapid adoption of AI and robotics, industrial automation also has a growing presence at CES. Everything from production and material management robots to agriculture technology (Agtech) will be on display. Health and medical is another key area. Products ranging from equipment for the operating room to home and fitness monitoring will be on display.

There is also an endless stream of startups in the evening media events and the CES startup center called Eureka Park, located at the Venetian Conference Center. Startups are my favorite part of CES. The new products being developed never cease to amaze, especially with ever-advancing processing/AI, connectivity, robotics, and sensing technologies. If you can imagine it, I’m sure that it can be built.

And yes, we look forward to the sea of new consumer products that will be introduced at CES – PCs, TVs, displays, Wi-Fi routers, Microphones, audio systems, ear buds & headphones, drones, 3D printers, AR & VR headsets, and all the accessories that go along with them. AMD’s CEO Lisa Su will be providing an opening keynote at CES, so we expect to hear about new AMD PCs products at the very least.

About the only consumer segment that will not see a major presence is the next wave of smartphones, as most of the vendors will be holding their announcements until MWC (Mobile World Congress), which will be held in late February in Barcelona. However, there may still be some announcements relating to cellular technology.

With all this, it is impossible to see everything at CES no matter how fast you walk and talk. Believe me, I’ve tried. But it makes the annual trek to CES worth it. Look more from Tirias Research here in Forbes as my colleagues and I brave yet another CES.


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