Learn about the different ways in which you can customise your car without worrying about its warranty.

A lot of people are afraid of adding aftermarket accessories to their cars in fear of having their warranty voided. However, that’s not always the case. There are plenty of things you can do for your vehicle without losing its warranty status. In fact, many people tend to buy lower tier models and add upgrades themselves to save up on some cash. If you wish to customise your car to your liking, we’ve prepared this neat list of aftermarket accessories that do not void your car’s warranty. Let’s take a look at it.

Audio and infotainment systems


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Those who buy base models usually add audio and infotainment systems themselves, while those with basic audio systems might want to upgrade to better speakers and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay systems. You can add whatever entertainment system you want to your new car as long as you don’t toy with the original wiring.

Foot mats


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Usually, the stock foot mats that come with vehicles don’t stay in their place for a long time and are not of very good quality. Buying aftermarket foot mats is hence always a good idea. They are sturdy and you can pick your choice of material. Also, they are easy to remove and wash if they get dirty over time. Buying such mats to replace your stock foot mats does not affect your car’s warranty by any means.

Seat covers


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The stock seat covers that you get with your car are not always of your desired colour or texture. It’s good to know then that seat covers are one more among the aftermarket accessories that do not void your car’s warranty. So go ahead change the look of your interiors as you please. Go for an elegant beige look or go sporty and opt for a black and red look. The choice is yours.



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Headlamps can be replaced without worrying about voiding the warranty of your car. The glass that protects these lamps can be easily removed by opening the hood of your car and you can then proceed to change the dead LED or replace it with a brighter one as per your convenience.



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Wheels form a big part of the look of your car. So, if you wish to add new alloys or rims, or even switch the tyres, you should not worry about losing the warranty on your car. However, if you’re using larger tyres, do make sure that they don’t affect the suspension as that might get you in trouble when it comes to warranty.



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Young people always want to stamp their unique identity on their rides. And stickers, decals or wraps are the best way to do that. Whether you want to give a camouflage makeover to the vehicle or just add a few bumper stickers to spruce things up, you need not worry about voiding the warranty of your car.


Now that you know about the aftermarket accessories that do not void your car’s warranty go ahead and customise your car without any worries.

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