Car accessories are many times perceived to be expensive in general. Enlisted below are some car accessories that will not only be extremely useful for you but will also not burn a hole in your pockets.


Boot organizer


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Most car owners will agree that if the boot space is not organized on a regular basis, it can quickly become a mess. We basically use the car’s boot as a storage facility, dumping all kinds of items in it that we don’t want inside. A boot organizer, on the other hand, can be really useful in keeping all of your belongings organized in one place.

Car Seat organizer


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If many people travel in your car frequently, investing in a seat organizer may be the best option. All of these small items, devices, and other items can easily be stuffed inside the organizer itself. The organizer will ensure that the inside of the automobile is kept clean and clutter-free.



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Given the hefty traffic fines and frequency of road accidents in India, dashcams should be more popular. To get the most out of these cameras, you’ll need a microSD card with a large capacity (at least 64GB). A typical dash camera can be connected to your car’s accessories port and can send data over WiFi.

Tyre inflator

When your tyre pressure drops or deflates, a portable tyre inflator pump might come in helpful and get the job done quickly. Tire inflators aren’t cheap, but they’re a good long-term investment for everyone who owns a car. A typical tyre inflator can be either manually operated or electrically powered. The manually operated one must be pumped by your foot while the electrically operated one has a small compressor that does the same job. It is also suggested that we invest in a tyre repair kit and keep it in the boot.

Trash can


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Littering in an automobile is both unnecessary and impolite. Moreover, it also soils the interiors of the car as well. This littering may also lead to foul smells spreading inside the car which give the cabin air freshener a tough time. Having a disposable bag for perishable items is indeed a smart move. A loose bag though can be difficult to keep organized, isn’t aesthetically pleasing as well and can cause disasters if spilled accidentally. A trash can like the one shown in the picture can help you securely store your trash and not spoil the aesthetics of the car interior in the process.

Inflatable bed for the back seat


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When we go camping in our car, we do make sure to carry a tent with us to set out in the open. There do come times when it is almost impossible to set up tent due to unavailability of time or space. Our car do provide air conditioning and the security of lockable doors. These comfort features coupled with an inflatable mattress let us enjoy our makeshift overnight stay safely and comfortably. Most car back seats can accommodate the inflatable mattress. While driving, deflate and stow the bed.

Bluetooth tag for car keys


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If you frequently misplace your car keys, a Bluetooth tracker can help you locate them. This small tag has to be attached to your bunch of keys and configured in an app on your mobile phone. This app guides you towards your configured Bluetooth tag thereby helping you find your keys. The use of Bluetooth tag is not limited to finding keys but can also be used to find various other items.

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