Have you ever wondered what to do with those old car parts lying about in your garage? Instead of letting them collect dust or throwing them away, why not give them a new lease on life?

Need help figuring out how? With a bit of creativity, and these nine awesome DIY ideas to put old car parts to good use, you can transform those discarded car parts into functional pieces for your home. So read on for some innovative ideas for old car parts.

1. V8 Engine Table

DIY V8 engine table in a room
Image Credit: Mr_o_uk/Instructables

Do you love industrial decor? If yes, and you have an old car engine sitting around, you’ll love the DIY guide in this Instructables project. The master DIYer behind it provides step-by-step instructions on repurposing an old V8 engine block and turning it into a functional and unique table.

With some basic tools and materials, you’ll learn how to clean, paint, and assemble the engine components to create a conversation-starting piece of furniture. So get your old engine and the necessary supplies, and build it to showcase your love for cars while adding a touch of industrial charm to your home decor.

Here are some more similar stunning DIY projects to instantly make your room more interesting that you can build.

2. Brake Disc Clock

DIY brake disc clock on a table
Image Credit: The-PC-Bloke/Instructables

Got an old brake disc lying around? Then we’ve got just the DIY car parts craft project for you to transform it into a stylish conversation piece that ticks with mechanical elegance—a brake disc clock! With detailed step-by-step instructions in this Instructables guide, you’ll learn how to clean and assemble the components to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece that showcases your love for cars.

Hang it on your wall and let the gears and mechanics of this Brake Disc Clock remind you of the beauty that can be found in transforming auto parts into home decor. Check out these stunning DIY clock ideas that will instantly transform your office or home space that you can build.

3. Car Stereo Upcycle

If you’ve been in need of an amp and planning to get one, we have some good news for you—save the money, and upcycle your old car stereo into an amp. With step-by-step instructions and detailed photos in this Hackster.io project, you’ll learn how to dismantle the car stereo, remove unnecessary components, and retrofit it with LM2596 voltage converters, 3.5mm jacks, and other listed supplies for seamless audio streaming.

Once you’re done, rock out your favorite tune to celebrate your little victory of successfully recycling car parts at home. You can creatively repurpose or recycle old speakers to fully customize your audio system.

4. Turn Car Parts Into a Stylish Boutonniere

Tools needed to make a DIY boutineer from old car parts.
Image Credit: Nate5b/Instructables

Heading to a wedding or special event where you’ll be required to rock a boutonniere? While the classic flower boutonniere has charm, it’s standard as they come, and you’ll look like everyone else. So, what do we suggest? Try creatively using car parts by transforming them into a stylish boutonniere that will make a statement on any special occasion.

By upcycling automotive components, as shown in this Instructables tutorial, you can create a one-of-a-kind accessory that showcases your love for cars while adding a touch of creativity to your formal attire. You can gift your artsy friend this craft or one of these creative DIY homemade gifts.

A stool made from old car spring, metal pipe, and brake disc.
Image Credit: Michu19753/Instructables

Do you hate having no side table to place your phone on when you are about to snooze off? Retrieve that old car spring shock absorber and brake disc from your tinkerer stash and build a side table, as shown in this Instructables project.

Upcycling old car parts into a side table protects Mother Nature from additional junk and gets you a handy table for your phone and other accessories you may need to set aside during sleep time.

6. Old Car Parts Lamp

An old car parts lamp on a table
Image Credit: Klkohler/Instructables

Look no further if you’ve longed for a stylish lamp to showcase your love for cars. This Instructables project shows how to transform a camshaft, rocker, pistons, and connecting rods into a unique and stylish lamp that will be a conversation starter in your man cave.

With step-by-step instructions and detailed photos, you’ll learn how to assemble the lamp using various car parts and create a stunning lighting fixture that showcases your creativity and love for cars. You can also try out these amazing tech DIY ideas to instantly upgrade your man cave that you can build to complement this project.

You can tweak the design to incorporate any other car parts you’d like your lamp to feature.

7. Automotive Chess Set: Valves

DIY automotive chess set
Image Credit: Rondalf/Instructables

Combine your love for chess and automobiles with this innovative DIY project: the Automotive Chess Set Valves. In this Instructables guide, you’ll learn how to repurpose old intake or exhaust valves into unique and captivating chess pieces, creating a chess set like no other.

By reusing old car components for this project, you’ll showcase your creativity and give new life to discarded car parts while creating a one-of-a-kind set that celebrates both your passion for chess and automotive ingenuity. Checkmate has never been more stylish!

A DIY scrap metal planter
Image Credit: Seth the Man/Instructables

Commercial planters are cute and functional, but truth be told, they’re somewhat expensive. So, if you are a plant parent needing quality planters and have old car parts and a pipe cap, save your money and DIY some at home. Don’t know how? Worry less about that because this Instructables tutorial will guide you through the process of transforming discarded scrap metal into a stunning planter that adds an industrial touch to your home or garden.

9. Junk Yard Beetles

Two DIY junk yard beetles
Image Credit: Lonesoulsurfer/Instructables

Most of us are quick to trash rusting metal, but after you’re done with this project, you’ll appreciate it and see its beauty in a new light. The mastermind behind it shows how to turn those rusty pieces into charming and unique beetle sculptures complete with intricate details and character in the Instructables guide.

The best part is that you don’t need any special car parts. You can utilize nearly any scrap metal for this task, from old gears to bolts and springs. Additionally, you don’t have to craft a beetle specifically; you can make any other insect or animal you fancy. By repurposing automotive components, you can give new life to forgotten materials while unleashing your creativity.

DIY Ideas Using Old Car Parts: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or enjoy DIY projects, these ideas provide a fantastic opportunity to unleash your creativity and add a touch of automotive charm to your surroundings. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your tools, and get ready to turn old car parts into functional, eye-catching pieces reflecting your love for cars and sustainability.


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