Perodua has recently launched the new Alza in the Malaysian market with more than 30k orders in the bag, the highest ever in Perodua’s history. That means you may have to wait a lot to drive your new Alza. Well, if you are thinking of accessorising your upcoming ride with Perodua’s amazing range of GearUp accessories, you have come to the right place. 


  • Which GearUp accessories are available with the new Perodua Alza?

    The GearUp accessories available with the new Perodua Alza include Prime Bodykit, Prime Seat Covers, floor lighting , LED scuff plates, door visors, coil mats, hood insulator and more.

  • Here, we bring complete details of the 2022 Perodua Alza GearUp accessories with images. These sportier, sleeker and affordable top-quality enhancements can really spruce up your MPV’s look and feel. So, without further ado, let’s get started – 

    Perodua Alza

    Prime Bodykit – RM 2,500

    For impressive exterior styling, you can accessorise the vehicle with Prime Bodykit. It adds a front bumper kit, a rear bumper kit and a rear spoiler to the standard mix, which provides the MPV with a more protruding look. Perodua offers this sporty body kit with all colours for RM 2,500 (inclusive of labour and SST). An extension wire harness required for the installation of the Prime body kit is sold separately.

    Prime Bodykit

    Prime Seat Covers – RM 1,000

    Another accessory you can choose to make your Alza’s cabin look premium is the Prime Seat Covers. These classy seat covers are soft yet durable and come with back pockets (front seat) and a two-tone trimming with red stitching. The covers have also been tested for the side airbags deployment. Available for all trims, the Alza Prime Seat Covers retail for RM 1,000.

    Prime Seat Covers

    Interior Illumination – Floor Lighting (RM 250), LED Scuff Plates (RM 300)

    For giving an illuminated touch to your MPV, you can opt for LED Scuff plates (front and rear) and floor lighting (front and rear). The scuff plates (set of four) are priced at RM 300, while the floor lighting costs RM 250. 

    LED Scuff plates

    Comfort enhancements – Door visors (RM 160), Coil mats (RM 200), and Hood insulator (RM 80)

    You can also equip your MPV with comfort enhancements like door visors, coil mats, and a hood insulator. Priced at RM 160, door visors create a sportier look and provide rain protection when windows are slightly open. Coil mats help in trapping excess dust and dirt and retail for RM 200. The Insulator for the hood can also be added by paying RM 80.

    Door visors, Coil mats  and Hood insulator

    Luggage area enhancements

    For carrying the luggage in a better and organised way, the automaker offers a luggage tray, priced at RM 80. A luggage mat protects your cabin area from scratches and dirt when loading big items while a luggage organiser stores items neatly in your boot. These are priced at RM 75 and RM 37, respectively.

    Luggage area enhancements

    Smart Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – RM 430

    This system ensures ideal tyre pressure via 24/7 monitoring while helping maintain the car’s fuel efficiency. By choosing this, the life span of the tyre becomes longer while the performance of the braking system also improves. It is priced at RM 430.

    Other accessories on offer for the new Alza are –

    New and improved Perodua Care Seat: It fits infants as well as toddlers (0 – 12 years old, with up to 36 kg). Available in 2 colours, the high-quality child seat offers extra comfort with soft padding and six recline positions. It is also secured with the ISOFIX mechanism. It retails for RM 680.

    Perodua Care Seat

    Digital Video Recorder: For added safety, you can opt for a digital video recorder. It is Wi-Fi enabled for live viewing from smartphones and records high-quality video, sound and still photos simultaneously. Also, the system automatically records upon impact or in accidents. The recording quality stays clear in hot or cold in-cabin temperatures. It costs you RM 500.

    Digital Video Recorder

    General accessories – 

    • Wheel lock nut – RM 200
    • Tissue holder with mirror – RM 40
    • Magnetic handphone holder – RM 30
    • Smart Tracker – RM 42
    • Door edge protection – RM 30
    • Magnetic shopping hook – RM 50
    • Sun visor organiser – RM 20
    • Leather tissue box – RM 60
    • Blind spot monitor – RM 60
    • Fire extinguisher – RM 56
    • Cable booster – RM 45
    • Anti-slip mat – RM 15

    Perodua Alza

    All these accessories undergo strict quality testing through R&D and are installed by highly trained Perodua personnel. Also, these are easy to own with financing option available through car loan and standardised workmanship costs.

    So, which of the 2022 Perodua Alza GearUp accessories you are going to pick, let us know in the comments.

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