Ocala is a small city in Marion County, central Florida.

This city is known for its rich history and heritage.

It’s home to the Fort King National Historical Park, which tells the story of the Second Seminole War.

Besides history, Ocala is renowned for its world-class horse farms that train, groom, and breed various top-notch horses.

This city is also the gateway to numerous natural parks and attractions in Central Florida.

On the other hand, many Floridians want to settle in Ocala because of its peaceful community, thriving economy, and outdoor recreation.

Its elected officials emphasize preserving substantial community programs, especially those meant for economic development.

Also, its local officials focus on investing in necessary services and businesses to provide local job opportunities.

With all that in mind, Ocala has a vibrant business scene run chiefly by locals and families who proudly call themselves sons and daughters of this charming Florida city.

Here are small businesses in Ocala, Florida, that you might want to check out:

Zuru Ramen & Boba

Chicken teriyaki at Zuru Ramen & Boba

Zuru Ramen & Boba is renowned for its Asian fusion dishes.

It serves a wide selection of Japanese ramen, boba milk teas, and rice bowls to Ocala locals.

You can visit this restaurant along SW College Road.

This locally-owned restaurant is a must-visit for many Central Florida foodies, especially those from Marion City.

Tempura at Zuru Ramen & Boba

They head to this restaurant to taste its delicious, affordable ramen selection and authentic Asian dishes.

It also serves chicken karaage, Chinese dumplings and buns, and more.

You can enjoy its delicious offerings inside its modern but welcoming dining area.

Of course, include milk tea with boba on your order to complete your food experience at Zuru Ramen & Boba.

Your Heart’s Desire

Interior of Your Heart's Desire

Your Heart’s Desire is a small but charming gift shop run by a local artist cooperative that shares its lovely creations with its customers.

You can visit this shop along E. Silver Springs Boulevard.

This shop has opened for business in Ocala for many years.

It is a local favorite for its eclectic collection of charming products.

Exterior of Your Heart's Desire

From a small shop, it grew into one of Ocala’s favorite retail gift stores, offering handmade products by its in-house artisans.

You can choose merchandise such as baby products, candles, drinkware, garden accessories, bath and body, books, apparel, jewelry, kitchen, home, and personal safety.

Head to Your Heart’s Desire to find the best products that suit your needs and wants.

The Tipsy Skipper

The Tipsy Skipper is a watering hole with a Tiki-themed interior and cocktail drinks.

You can visit this place along S. Magnolia Avenue.

This bar identifies itself as a 1950s boutique-style Tiki-themed bar.

It serves seasonal, rotating, handcrafted cocktails using the freshest fruit juices.

Many locals love spending their happy hour or evenings at this bar for its lively atmosphere and refreshing cocktail drinks.

Some of its must-tries include its Pearl Diver, Zombie, Cobra’s Fang, Three Dots, Mai Tai, and plenty more.

Like most small businesses in Ocala, the Tipsy Skipper thrives to become the city’s best craft cocktail bar.

Shamrock Cove Inn

1 king bed suite in Shamrock Cove Inn

Shamrock Cove Inn is a boutique hotel in the heart of Ocala’s Historic Downtown District.

This inn has become an institution in the city since 1942.

Many Ocala tourists love to book their stay at this lodging facility because of its location.

It’s surrounded by some of the most well-preserved historical attractions in Marion County.

2 queen beds suite in Shamrock Cove Inn

In addition, you can choose from over 12 guest rooms during your stay.

You’re guaranteed a comfortable and convenient stay since it has all the amenities of an excellent inn.

It has complimentary Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a hot and cold shower, a television, and a cozy bed.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about where to grab your meal or essentials since Shamrock Cove Inn is a stone’s throw away from shops and restaurants.

1 queen bed suite in Shamrock Cove Inn

After Hours Salvage

After Hours Salvage is a trusted automotive repair service serving Ocala locals for over three decades.

You can visit this repair shop along NW 24th Avenue.

This locally owned and family-run auto repair shop has been in business since the 1980s.

It mainly caters to car owners throughout Central Florida and Marion County.

It boasts a 25-acre facility offering various services, including repairs, upgrades, modifications, and detailing.

This auto repair shop has everything you need whenever your car needs its routine oil change or some extensive fixing.

Besides its seasoned mechanics, it also offers standard 90-day warranty replacement parts for your car, making After Hours Salvage a trusted name in auto repair.

Chelsea Coffee

Quiche at Chelsea Coffee

Get your daily caffeine fix at Chelsea Coffee.

You can visit this coffee shop along E. Silver Springs Boulevard.

It serves coffee sourced from fairtrade organic farmers, which you can order with specialty drinks such as iced, freshly-brewed, or drip coffees.

Meat sub sandwich at Chelsea Coffee

Meanwhile, its sandwiches are stacked with delicious meat and filling to pair with your cup of coffee.

You can also order its homemade pastries and enjoy its cozy and welcoming interior, usually covered with a mouthwatering coffee aroma.

Grab your coffee and breakfast at Chelsea Coffee before you begin your day.

Cup of tea at Chelsea Coffee

Bo-Kay Florist

Bo-Kay Florist is one of Ocala’s finest floral arrangements and flower shops you can find.

You can visit its shop along SE 3rd Avenue.

An Ocala native proudly owns this shop.

Its gorgeously designed floral arrangements, freshly picked flowers, and other services have served locals for many years.

It has seasoned florists that can cater to your floral arrangement needs regardless of the intended occasion.

Whether you want to gift your other half with a bouquet or to extend your sympathy, visit Bo-Kay Florist.

Check out its superb floral arrangements and flower varieties.

Plato’s Closet Ocala

Exterior of Plato's Closet Ocala

Plato’s Closet Ocala is a unique business that purchases and resells well-kept apparel for kids and grownups.

You can visit its store along SW College Road.

Unlike most thrift stores in your city, this Ocala shop has a more convenient way to obtain well-kept second-hand clothing and apparel by purchasing them at low prices.

Its selected clothes and apparel are displayed at its shop and through its official website.

It’s an excellent place to shop, especially if you’re a huge fan of thrift stores.

It displays new clothes, footwear, handbags, and accessories.

Besides, this place is also ideal for decluttering by removing your old or less-worn clothing for extra cash.

Of course, these are sold at a very affordable price.

Drop by Plato’s Closet Ocala and check out its latest sourced apparel collection.

Mesa de Notte

Mesa de Notte is a white-tablecloth Italian restaurant that boasts the freshest ingredients for its menu.

You can visit this restaurant along E. Silver Springs Boulevard.

When craving authentic Italian dishes, this restaurant boasts a delicious menu serving Ocala locals since 2011.

It has a vast menu of Italian options from pasta, meats, vegetarians, seafood, sides, wines, and cocktails.

Some of its must-tries include its signature pasta dishes, best paired with its equally extensive collection of fine wines.

Make a reservation at Mesa de Notte to taste this Ocala Italian restaurant.

Brooklyn’s Backyard

Drinks in Brooklyn's Backyard

Brooklyn’s Backyard is a charming place to enjoy food and drinks.

You can visit this restaurant along E. Silver Springs Boulevard.

Many locals love to dine at this place for its backyard-themed pub dining area.

It mainly serves your favorite classic comfort food paired with craft brews.

Pepperoni pizza in Brooklyn's Backyard

This restaurant, established in 2010, is owned by a family with a passion for food.

Their menu serves delicious, made-to-order wings, burgers, salads, pizza, fries, steaks, and signature specials.

It also has a fully-functional Tiki bar that serves a wide array of cocktail drinks, beers, and other liquors.

Head straight to Brooklyn’s Backyard whenever your stomach growls to grab your meal.

Our Place Saloon

Our Place Saloon is a traditional smoking sports bar that regularly streams live games from various sports.

You can visit this sports bar along SW State Road 200.

Established in 1998, this is Ocala’s local’s go-to place to watch live football, basketball, boxing, and soccer games.

It has a welcoming and lively atmosphere inside, with huge televisions to watch your favorite team live.

Above all, you can enjoy watching games with ice-cold beer and other beverages.

Like most sports bars, you’ll enjoy choosing a wide selection of local and popular beer brands and other liquor.

Spend your evening at Our Place Saloon to catch a live game with your pals.

Vibranium Comics

Shelves in Vibranium Comics

Vibranium Comics is the best place in Ocala for the latest issues of your favorite superhero comic books.

You can visit this comic bookstore along SW 20th Street.

It has sold the latest editions of mainstream comic book heroes and independent titles since 2017.

People in Vibranium Comics

Its shop has a friendly atmosphere and accommodating staff that gamely answers your geek questions about the comics you’re looking for.

Besides comics, you’re guaranteed to have fun at this shop since it sells trading cards, board games, tabletop games, and other collectibles.

Enjoy browsing Vibranium Comics’ collection.

Comic books in Vibranium Comics

Dignity Roasters

Coffee beans in Dignity Roasters

Dignity Roasters is a coffee company that sells and distributes fairtrade sourced coffee beans in Ocala and surrounding areas.

You can visit its shop along NE 9th Street.

It’s well known for its locally roasted and packaged coffee varieties, which you can buy directly from its shop.

Perhaps you can order freshly brewed coffee to start your day.

This coffee company’s subscription service makes it unique among the others in the area.

You can order your preferred coffee variety through its store or website and have it shipped to your doorstep.

They offer commercial, personal, and coffee-by-the-bag subscriptions available throughout Marion County.

Check out Dignity Roasters when you resupply with top-notch coffee beans.

Taquería Guadalupe

Taquería Guadalupe is a Mexican food truck that serves street-style tacos and burritos around the neighborhood.

You can usually find this food truck parking along Bahia Road.

Still, they usually transfer to various locations in and outside of Ocala.

Many locals love this food truck for its authentic Mexican tacos and burritos.

Some of its must-tries include carne asada, Al Pastor tacos, burritos, and quesadillas served hot and fresh.

Like most small businesses in Ocala, this one is run by a husband-and-wife tandem who are always friendly and polite to their customers.

Check out Taquería Guadalupe to treat your tastebuds with mouthwatering food.

Bubbles n Biscuits

A pampered dog at Bubbles n Biscuits

You might have heard about mobile dog grooming, which is a trendy service these days.

To experience this one-of-a-kind grooming service, check out Bubbles n Biscuits.

This mobile dog grooming service currently serves Ocala and Marion County areas.

It boasts a fleet of state-of-the-art vans with seasoned groomers and certified dog lovers, providing your pup with a complete makeover.

Instead of driving to your nearest dog grooming service shop, call these guys to book a reservation.

Mobile dog grooming services have become trendy for their stress-free, quiet environment, cage-free, and safe way to groom a pup.

At the same time, it’s also a dedicated one-on-one grooming session with the groomer and your pup, ensuring a quality service.

They will arrive at your doorstep with their self-contained dog grooming van to do their services.

Book your pup’s next grooming session with Bubbles n Biscuits to experience its unique service.

Final Thoughts

Ocala is a thriving city in Florida that is full of potential.

Its local businesses offer everyone excellent products and services, which reflects its tightly knitted community.

Start listing your preferred shops and spots with this post about the best small businesses in Ocala, Florida.


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